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Elevate Your Wedding Business – Online Courses

To improve your wedding business, you listen to podcasts, attend industry events, and read blog posts.   All of which are good places to start since they provide inspiration combined with pieces of information.  However, there are times when your business needs more than just pieces of information, and that is where our online courses come in.

Elevate Your Wedding Business courses are detailed information, and instruction on how to apply what you learn to your business in practical ways.   It is learning designed to make your wedding business more efficient, more profitable, and thus more sustainable.  Find them HERE!

Online education that is: 

  • Developed by Successful Wedding Business Owners:  Years of experience in the wedding industry and other small businesses are what each class is built on.
  • Specifically Designed for Wedding Pros: Taking proven business practices and teaching them in the context of the world of weddings.
  • Delivered in Perfectly Sized Pieces: Each class is 15-20 minutes with a prep sheet before, and an application sheet after.  And all the classes within a course build upon each other in a logical way.
  • Available on Your Schedule: Always available.  Doesn’t matter day of the week or hour of the day, whatever works best for you.
  • Focused on Building Better Businesses: Every class is designed to improve the way your business functions with a focus on creating and maintaining a robust Ideal Couple Cycle.
  • An Incredible Cost to Benefit Value: With single classes in the $25 range and complete courses in the $80-$100 range, the value you will receive will far, far exceed the small amount you pay.

Your talent and skill are at the core of what you do.  Yet, in today’s crowded wedding market, that’s just not enough.

A successful wedding business comes from an incredible end product and an incredible customer experience!

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