Skill and passion are not enough

Let Bethel show you how to combine your skills
and passion with sound business management
to move your business to the next level

Is your business running you?

Work with Bethel to learn the WHAT, WHY and HOW to optimize your business for growth and success.

Working for clients but not on your business?

Bethel will educate you on the keys to a properly
functioning business which will allow you to
attract, sign and manage more clients

communication tools

Understanding the what, when, and how for the best customer experience

customer experience

Using the power of the customer experience to grow your business

business systems

Smart systems give you more time to do what you love

reviews + reputation

Best practices that produce measurable results and how best to use your raving reviews

ideal couple cycle

Attracting your ideal clients and exceeding their expectations brings more with less marketing spend

“Bethel is absolutely the best person to talk to about business ideas, successes, failures, obstacles, and more. You want her in your corner!”

— Nancy, florist

“If you want to integrate social media into your business and turn it into a powerful marketing tool, you MUST talk to Bethel. Her knowledge and process lead to incredible client growth and new income!”

— Nina, small business owner

Bethel is absolutely the best person to talk to about business ideas, successes, failures, obstacles, and more. She is warm, insightful, knowledgeable, understanding, and put simply, she is one of the most awesome people I know. As much as she will help your business (and she will, immeasurably), the best and most important result of hiring Elevate by Bethel will be simply having her in your corner.

Courtney, Wedding Planner

I met with Bethel for her 2-hour consultation program and got all my monies worth for sure. The conversation was fast paced and she allowed me to bounce all over the place with my ideas – and she kept up brilliantly:) I came away from our meeting with three action items that would be critical in taking my business to the next level. I would definitely recommend taking advantage of her initial 2-hour consultation just to put a toe in the water of using a business coach… it was awesome!!

Ken, officiant