“What’s Your Current Business Challenge?”  I just spent the past two days meeting so many great wedding planners and other wedding pros at the ABC National Conference, and this is what I was asking them to tell me in order to enter my contest.  And, as I added these to the white board in my booth, subsequent folks would look at the list and nod, nod, and nod some more.  It was both powerful and exciting to hear so many of the same challenges and issues from folks, as I already knew that so many of us have struggled with the same issues at some point in our business – and these are the very things I enjoy working with my clients the most.

Figuring out your ideal client.  Attracting more of the clients you love to you.  Quality events over quantity events.  More viable clients.  Getting more clients.  Yep, a large majority of the folks wrote variations of the same thing down.

Why it excites me to see this is that it means that so many folks already get it!  Working with the right kind of clients – whatever that is for you and your business – makes it better in all sorts of ways.  You have more fun working on those events and projects.  You probably have more success with them as they were your right fit from the start.  The clients are usually happier, leading to more raving reviews and more referrals (which leads to even more ideal clients…).  And, when it’s your own business, so you are doing it for the joy and happiness and satisfaction, along with the paycheck, that is even more powerful.

Can’t wait to see what some of these women (yep, almost all women with only a handful of men at this conference) do for their businesses from here!