I think that every single person would answer this differently, and I absolutely believe that we each should.  Yet how we personally define success should determine much of what we want to accomplish and do, in business and in life – and therefore plays a key role in setting each of our priorities and goals.

That is why it is always something I talk about up-front with my coaching clients, as working on what I think is important in and for their business might not at all be their priority.

So I think that it’s important to start with this.  Your goals must be balanced around the three most important areas in your life, which include:

Personal, Family & Health Goals – (Your “Why” Goals):  These goals pertain to “Why” you want to achieve your Business, Career & Financial Goals.

Business, Career & Financial Goals – (Your “What” Goals):  These goals pertain to “What” you need to do to achieve your “Why” Goals.

Personal Professional Development Goals – (Your “How” Goals):  These goals pertain to “How” you achieve the “What” to enjoy the “Why.”

Figure out your “Why” Goals first, and then you can focus on the rest.  Want to be let in behind the scenes of my own life and marriage and businesses?  I’ll share our Why Goals in my next post.