Understanding the who and why of the ideal client is very important, especially in the very personally-focused business of weddings.  In this post, I wanted to write about what is the ideal client and to mention a few reasons why knowing who your ideal clients are is so important.  

I describe the ideal client as follows… when you create a business that is genuine to you, your ideal clients are people who are not only looking for the product and/or service you offer, but they are also looking for your style, service level, and relative price point.  Think about it as a business-to-customer matchmaking experience.  If you have a great business and a great customer yet they are not a great match, should they work together?   

Our opinion is no, and thus understanding which customers would be a great match for your business should be a first step if your business is new, and a “figure it out now” step if your business is already open.  Here are a few reasons why it is so important:

1. Working with ideal clients leads to more satisfying daily work!  How?  An ideal client’s needs, wants, and vision will match your services and customer journey, and thus result in a better experience for all – one where reality meets or even exceeds expectations!

2. Working with ideal clients leads to making more money!  How?  Your ideal client will have a higher appreciation for your services and customer journey (reality meeting or exceeding expectation), which leads to raving reviews, and to referrals, which both lead to more sales.

3. Working with ideal clients leads to a happier you!  How?  In addition to the more sales you will be making, you will have more fun working with clients who are your style and personality, which translates into longer term passion and happiness in your business and your life! 

Since every business needs to make a certain amount of money, once you have determined who your ideal clients are, you need to make sure there are enough of them in your market to support your business.  If not, this is probably a good time to step back and decide if you are willing to work with less than ideal clients or explore a different type of business.