One of the things that I find myself talking to coaching clients and friends about regularly is making decisions.  And while so many of us have perfectionist tendencies, if not full-on practices (guilty!), we cannot let that hold us back from moving forward in our businesses.

Therefore, I’d like you to remind yourself that “Nothing is Forever!”  Truly, no decision you make for your business (or life, for that matter) absolutely has to be permanent.  Yes, there are prices to be paid sometimes by wanting to change paths along the way, or to reverse that decision.  You may have signed a year-long contract for that advertisement, or you may not love that client that you said yes to.  But most of the time it is a learning experience for you in your business, and you can just adjust as you go.  That year-long contract will end.  And that client will have their wedding and be behind you.

What can you learn from it to benefit the next decision you have to make related to that, and how can it benefit your business overall.  That is what you should be focused on.  So pull the trigger, move forward, and make a decision, remembering that “Nothing is Forever!”