Who am I, and why am I doing this?

Most folks who know me from the wedding industry here in San Diego weren’t surprised when I said that I was creating and launching a business coaching and speaking (and training) business called Elevate by Bethel.  They told me that they were glad to hear that it would be alongside officiating (as we all know that I love celebrating really great couples way too much to ever completely stop), but with many fewer weddings each year. Why weren’t they surprised? Because much of what I was talking about doing in this new business were things they knew I was already doing on a more casual basis – and this would just make it more formal and expand it.

I’ve always known that I was a touch unusual – and very lucky – in that I came from a business background, with both very large and relatively small businesses, before finding my passion (officiating non-religious weddings for really great couples) and wanting to create a business around it. Most solo-driven or passion-driven businesses start with someone having their passion and then needing to learn how to do the business stuff around it to make it work. So, as I’ve designed and built my own wedding industry business over the past almost six years, I’ve also enjoyed helping my friends in the industry to figure out some of these things for their own businesses.

Elevate by Bethel is really focused on helping solo-driven/couple-driven or very small businesses – largely in the wedding industry, but definitely not exclusively – to build and grow and have the business that makes them happiest, whatever that looks like for them.  As we all know, skill and passion are not enough, and many business owners need help with the business aspects around their great skill and passion, and that is what I love helping with and seeing progress in.

The five key areas of focus are marketing, social media, business processes, reviews and reputation, and financial management. And this is done through one-off assessments (resulting in a plan that the person/business runs with themselves), coaching programs (where we work through that plan together), workshops on a specific topic or business area, and a mastermind-type group too.

Join me on this new adventure, and please feel free to reach out at any point if you think that there is a way that I can help you and/or your business!