IAPWO Conference

     If you are a current IAPWO member, register for the Third Annual IAPWO Conference here.  Your price is $65.

If you are not a current IAPWO member, register for the Third Annual IAPWO Conference here.  Your price is $125.

Join Us For #IAPWO2017

Presenting our third annual wedding officiant conference, #IAPWO2017!  This online virtual conference features educational presentations by some of the best and brightest in our field, all focused on helping you take your officiant career to the next level.

Hosted by Laura C. Cannon, IAPWO President
Ceremony Officiants™ | DC Elopements® | The Conscious Entrepreneur

A professional wedding officiant for nearly 15 years, in Laura founded the IAPWO in 2015 with the goal of creating the first professional membership organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the wedding officiant profession worldwide. The IAPWO now boasts members on six continents and we are continuing to grow every year.

This year we are proud to host our third annual IAPWO conference in an online format so our members will have the opportunity to attend without travel costs! Laura will be the host of the conference and is joined by three outstanding presenters:

Bethel Nathan:  Ceremonies by Bethel | Elevate by Bethel | IAPWO Vice-President

IAPWO Vice-President Bethel Nathan is a San Diego-based wedding officiant. She launched Ceremonies by Bethel in 2009, finding and enjoying a niche for non-religious and non-traditional couples, and quickly built a strong business and full calendar. In just eight years, Bethel went from a brand-new business to having done over 750 weddings and selling out each year for the past five years, as well as winning key industry awards for every year since her launch.

Combining her background working for both large and small companies, including nine years working for large investments banks around the globe, along with her passion and skillset, plus strong support for marriage equality, Bethel found the right way to build a successful and award-winning business that fit her. And she now enjoys helping others across the country to do the same as a business coach and speaker.

Bethel lives in San Diego with her husband, Jason, and they enjoy traveling and scuba diving in exotic places whenever possible.

PRESENTATION:  Your Customer’s Experience: Their Path to Your Success

Do you invest as much in improving the experience for your customers as you do in attracting clients in the first place? From time to time, it’s critical to assess and refine your processes, communication, and systems to ensure a smooth, high-quality customer experience – which will pay off in positive reviews and referrals for your business. Join us to learn tips for improving your clients’ journey and experience and, in turn, your own bottom line. You’ll learn:

  • What your ideal customers expect to experience with your business
  • Simple ways to evaluate your internal systems and processes
  • How to make tangible improvements that will streamline your work
  • How these changes will drive more 5-star reviews and word-of-mouth referrals

Alan Katz:  Great Officiants | So Cal Beach Weddings | Cute Little Wedding Chapel | Joint Vows

Alan has a team of 37 officiants serving the Southern California Area. Doing around 1500 weddings per year they are the top company in the industry in their market. With over 1500 reviews his company has more reviews than any other vendor in his market. Alan owns a 24-hour 30-seat boutique wedding chapel, has a beach wedding division doing full set-ups on the beach and he issues marriage license for the county. He just opened up a division that caters to weed weddings since the laws changed in the state.

PRESENTATION: Powered by Reviews – How To Earn and Leverage Awesome Reviews

You have done a great job at the wedding. Everyone loved it. How do turn that into a stellar review? You’ll learn:

  • How to ask clients for reviews effectively
  • Where to have your reviews placed for maximum impact
  • What do you do when you get a bad review
  • How to turn reviews into testimonials for your website and marketing

Philip Lingle:  Asheville Marriages | Asheville, NC USA

Philip Lingle is the Founder, Director, and Head-Officiant of AshevilleMarriages.com, a team of open-minded, Professional Wedding Officiants in beautiful Western North Carolina. As a former Philosophy teacher and life-long student, Philip has a passion for helping people see multiple perspectives. He primarily serves secular and interfaith couples, and brings a depth of knowledge, warmth, and understanding to his work. Philip takes great pride and pleasure in connecting with couples and guiding them through one of the most important events of their lives, their wedding day!

PRESENTATION:  Transform Your Business by Knowing Your Ideal Client

Every Professional Wedding Officiant has unique gifts to offer and it’s important to identify exactly who you are serving. Of course, you don’t want to exclude potential clients or leave money on the table. But if you try to appeal to everyone, then you won’t connect with anyone, because your message will be too general and broad. When I discovered this fundamental truth, it launched me on my path to becoming a successful Professional Wedding Officiant. In this presentation, I will discuss what an ideal client is, as well as specific steps you can use to discover your ideal client. You will find that once you identify this, your message becomes more focused, you gain clarity and confidence, and you attract more clients. Plus, you will experience more personal gratification in the process. You’ll learn:

  • What an “ideal client” is and why it’s important
  • Actionable steps to identify your ideal client
  • Why narrowing your focus will align you with your purpose, make your business more successful, and satisfy your soul

By purchasing a ticket, you will also have access to replay the entire conference later, so if you can’t participate live on 7/26, you can still get all of the information and won’t miss a thing. Use the links above to sign up, and if you have any questions please contact us at info@iapwo.org. We can’t wait to “see” you on July 26th!