6 Keys to Unlocking a Better Business

6 Keys to Unlocking a Better Business

Over the past couple of years, I have presented multiple times on the 6 key areas to focus on when creating a successful wedding business – and very shortly I will be presenting a 2.0 version of this presentation at WeddingWire World DC.  In this upcoming session, I will be discussing not only the importance of focusing on the 6 keys, but focusing on them in...

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Giving and Receiving words on arrows around a sphere to symbolize the full circle of sharing and getting back, a form of karma for the good things you do for others

Philanthropy: A Powerful Business Tool

I will be speaking tomorrow at the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce’s First Friday Breakfast on what I expect to become one of my signature speaking topics, “Philanthropy: A Powerful Business Tool” and I could not be more excited! Those who know me personally know that I have two great passions (well, in addition to travel, diving, and the love of my life): business and philanthropy.  I...

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