As I sit here beating myself up a little for not writing and sharing consistently over this past year, to be honest, I realized that part of it comes from having not been very specific about my goals regarding writing and blogging last year.  So, it makes perfect sense as I began to teach others about goal-setting and decision-making that it could affect so many things in my business.

Here is what I talked about regarding goals.  Have you heard about their need to be SMART?  Here’s what that is:

S – Specific – focused and well-defined, answers the 5 Ws
M – Measurable – where you want to go in terms of numbers – how much/many?
A – Attainable – within reach and realistic for you, your industry, and marketing conditions. Sometimes labeled as Action-Oriented.
R – Relevant – considers current business, challenges, and events that affect progress – make sure that it’s the right thing that you should be focusing on.
T – Time-Specific or Time-Sensitive or Time-Based – there is a deadline that allows for a sense of urgency.

What are your goals for 2016?  I’ll share some of mine here shortly.  In the meantime, I look forward to hearing some of your goals for 2016, and how you are breaking them down and attacking them!