bethel nathan

business elevation coach + speaker

why we love to work with bethel

smart. understanding. strategic. determined.

“Bethel is absolutely the best person to talk to about business ideas, successes, failures, obstacles, and more. She is warm, insightful, knowledgeable, understanding, and put simply, she is one of the most awesome people I know. As much as she will help your business (and she will, immeasurably), the best and most important result of hiring Elevate by Bethel will be simply having her in your corner.”

Wedding Planner

“Bethel is absolutely AMAZING!!! I recently met with her over coffee to discuss my business goals and discuss how I could further grow my business. Not only was Bethel incredibly warm and kind, but she is so good with wording and recommendations. She truly focuses on the client and the client experience. I highly recommend using Bethel for any business coaching and cannot wait to work with her more in the future. You will not be disappointed!”

Hair and Make-up Artist

“I’m a private event DJ who just finished a session with Bethel. Lets be honest, my strengths are on the dance floor. Not in marketing strategies.
I won a 2 hour session from Bethel at WeddingWire World 2017 in Anaheim (but I will be booking more with her as I grow my business WGE Events. Bethel spoke to me via Skype and we discussed what I could do to stand out as a private party DJ at wedding shows. She also went through my website page-by-page; and from a potential wedding client’s perspective, we discussed what I need to do to enhance my website.
I plan on participating at my first wedding show in July and this session has me so fired up now. I will be applying some of her website suggestions to by July. Cant wait to get her to do a second pass. As a self employed businessman in the private party industry, it was a blessing to come across Elevate By Bethel. i highly recommend.”


“I met with Bethel for her 2-hour consultation program and got all my monies worth for sure. The conversation was fast paced and she allowed me to bounce all over the place with my ideas – and she kept up brilliantly:) I came away from our meeting with three action items that would be critical in taking my business to the next level. I would definitely recommend taking advantage of her initial 2-hour consultation just to put a toe in the water of using a business coach… it was awesome!!”


“Anyone lucky enough to get some type of instruction from Bethel will benefit immediately. She is knowledgeable in many areas that help a small business be successful. She was instrumental in my choice of what way I would connect to the world of social media and also the best way to present myself. She is generous with all her advice and is a trustworthy friend. Being a florist and having the love of doing flowers is just the tip of the iceberg of running this small business. Bethel would be a smart investment for those trying to build their business into working smarter instead of harder.”


“Many small business owners work way too many hours everyday. I was one of them… until Bethel came through and helped me set up my web-based business management. Bethel helped me to be much more efficient and cut down my paperwork time. Any business owner understands how important these two are! Bethel is not only a skillful and knowledgeable business coach, but she is a warm, patient, and generous person. I would enthusiastically recommend Bethel to anyone seriously devoted to developing and growing their business.”


“As a destination wedding planner based in Bermuda, my work is varied, intense and seasonal. Actually, it’s often manic, creative and exciting but there are always deadlines. I met Bethel, quite by chance, at an ABC (Association of Bridal Consultants) conference in Dallas and hired her on the spot. I told her I needed tough love (without judgment) but most importantly, I needed help with my systems, workflow, sales funnel, and eventually my marketing. Bethel became more than a mentor – I truly looked forward to our weekly Skype sessions where we always hit productivity and goals out of the ballpark. No matter what I needed help with, she was there. Her business background infused with her take on life mixed with gentle but persistent guidance was exactly what I needed. Bethel kept me on track with encouragement, brilliant direction, provocative questions and insight. I shall be signing up for another course of sessions – Every business needs Bethel.”

Wedding Planner

“We have always loved working with Bethel in the wedding industry, but when she took the time to patiently train our management on a whole new software program, it really showed us an impressive new side to the experience she has to offer. We are excited to learn more from her!”

DJ Office Manager

“If you want to integrate social media into your business and turn it into a powerful marketing tool, you MUST talk to Bethel. Her knowledge and process lead to incredible client growth and new income!”

Small business owner