Who are you?  Have a fun bio!

Who are you? Have a fun bio!

Just the other night, I was asked to be one of the “Vendor Spotlight” speakers at the San Diego NACE monthly event, and naturally I was up for it!  Well, when the organizer asked me to send over a bio, but one other than the norm, I decided to have fun with it. And here’s what I came up with!

She speaks Japanese.  She dives with manta rays and dolphins and turtles.  She has lived in other countries four different times, and on both coasts of this country.  She’s almost always to be found in green or blue, if she can help it.  And she gets to marry great couples for a living.  Let me introduce you to Bethel Nathan of Ceremonies by Bethel, five-year NACE member…  Bethel has been married to her great guy, Jason, for over eight years now, and together they’ve continued to travel all over the world and the country, as it’s a passion that they share.  They even started a business together recently.  Bethel has also been one of the most out-spoken advocates for marriage equality within our San Diego wedding community, speaking to the NACE group on that topic just about a year ago.  As many of you know, she is happy to chat with you on that topic as well as on many other topics, including her passion for philanthropy, so here’s Bethel.

{Note that I was being introduced with my Ceremonies by Bethel hat on, but when I spoke, I included info about all three of my “hats” – my three businesses – of course, as that’s me!}

I thought that it would be fun to include some of my rarely-known facts or characteristics, as it was a great chance to quickly become a more real and full person to the group, instead of just simply who I am because of what I do.  One of the huge benefits of having businesses that are us, or based on us and our personal skills and talents and knowledge, is that clients and potential clients want to actually know us.  They aren’t buying a random product that one of five websites could sell and ship them, with the only difference being price and a coupon code.  They are buying us, they are buying YOU.  So be you, let your personality show, let who you really are and what makes you you show.  And people will respond to it, I promise.

**NOTE: clearly time to go back and edit my “about me” sections, then, isn’t it?  How about you?

Pocket App – Systems and Apps to Manage Your Business

Pocket App – Systems and Apps to Manage Your Business

I’ve been spending so much time lately thinking about systems and process and planners – both for me and for my clients – and I thought that maybe I should start thinking out-loud and sharing what I’m finding. So here’s the start of a category of posts on “Systems and Apps to Manage Your Business” or maybe “Systems and Apps to Move Your Business Forward”…  Anyway, you get the idea!

Pocket.  Have you heard of this great app?  If you’re anything like me, you have way too many tabs open in your browser at any given time, but you keep running into articles you want to read, blog posts you want to read, things you want to check out at another time, etc etc.  Yeah, you could bookmark them and file them in a “Stuff to Do or Read Later” folder – but, if you’re still anything like me, stuff often just lingers and dies in there, totally forgotten.

Instead, now I use Pocket, as a Chrome browser add-on (“bookmarklet”), and on both my iPad and my iPhone.  Whenever I find something that I want to read, but don’t have the time to do so right then, I use the bookmarklet to add it to my Pocket, and then close the tab.  Now that article or blog post or website is in my Pocket queue, ready to be read on any of my devices.

Then, when waiting for appointments, standing in an annoying line, or even on the plane, I can pull out my phone or iPad and read the pieces that have been waiting for me.  No random surfing of Facebook in those few minutes, but actually catching up on pieces that I wanted to read!  And those tabs on my browser can be closed without any worry that the information will be lost for good.

By the way, you can even email links to your Pocket, or save to Pocket from hundreds of other apps as well.  They also email you links to some interesting articles weekly, with ideas of other things to add to your Pocket, and that has brought my attention to other great pieces I might have missed.

Enjoy!  And let me know if you use it and what you think!