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Customer at the center of what you do

It is Not Personal, It is Just Business… Or is It?

Most of us in the wedding industry are soloprenuers or have only a few staff, which makes how we personally handle customer service for our business so very important.  And, when it comes to customer service, my opinion is it should be a combination of both personal and business… meaning that you need to have policies that are communicated and that apply most of the...

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Life is What I Make Happen

Business Success – Different Definitions for Different People

The end of the current year – and therefore the starting of a new year – is a great time for not only personal reflection and planning, but also for business reflection and planning.  And, one of the important things that I reflect on, and plan for, is achieving business success.  Of course, when most people hear the phrase “business success,” they think of piles...

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